If the centripetal force is near the surface gravity in the Saturn and Jupiter, We might estimate surface gravity of big planet. For ringgy Saturn, surface gravitational acceleration is estimated as follows.

g_s=r_s \omega_s^2

\omega_s = 2\pi / (0.43*24*3600),
r_s = 3.176* 6.380*10^6

 g_s = 0.5795575 m/s^2 = 0.0591g

Planetary attributes
Name Rotation period (days) Equatorial diameter
(biq,shortest distance)
Gravitational acceleration
centripetal acceleration
Planetary ring
Sun Sun 25~35 109 0.05903
Terrestrials Mercury 58.64 0.271
Venus -243.02 0.605
Moon 27.3 2.626 0.1654 g 0.00011926 Ring around the moon


1.00 1.00 g = 9.80665 m/s2 0.33741
Mars 1.03 0.292 0.38 g 0.009287
Gas giants Jupiter 0.41 4.508 0.09227g Rings of Jupiter
Saturn 0.43 3.176 0.0591g Rings of Saturn
Uranus -0.72 1.077 Rings of Uranus
Neptune 0.67 0.896 Rings of Neptune
a  Measured relative to the Earth.
b  See Earth article for absolute values.

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