GEFR is abbreviation for Gravity to Electric Force Ratio.

Gravity to electric force ratio is defined as


The GEFR for an electron of hydrogen is

GEFR = (G m_p m_e /r^2 )/ (e^2 / 4 \pi \epsilon_0 r^2 )

=  ( d^2 r/r_{SE} )^2

where r_{SE} is the distance between sun and earth. and dd is about 62.6( dddd=3918.8).

Earth Moon distance and forcesEdit


reference image



To avoid diverging integration, It is better to determine G' from mass of earth and distance from the moon.

Failed to parse (lexing error): G" = r_{EM}^5 \omega_{ME} ^2 /M_e

Then GEFR for an electron of hydrogen becomes

Failed to parse (lexing error): GEFR = G"/G'=2.46 %

Mass and density of sun is very high compared earth in this scheme.

In the conventional inverse square scheme, The Moon is exceptionally large relative to the Earth, being a quarter the diameter of the planet. and the Earth and Moon are still commonly considered a planet-satellite system instead of double planet

From Angular mometum conservation,

I_m \omega_m sin \theta_m = I_e  \omega_e sin \theta_e

If we assume equivalent density for moon and earth,

Rm/Re =2.626.

then d_{me} = 0.38M* 2.626/0.273 =3.656 Giga Meter

Then Inverse biquadrate Gravity constant is G" should be multiplied by 9.549*9.549.

GEFR = 9.549^2 * 2.46
= 224.31%

The above value is reasonable because inverse square potantial is larger for outer radius. and the density of the sun converges to over 1,000 times.

Physical quantityEdit

It is important to check physical meaning of M_i T_s /T_0 . The value is proportional to the pressure for ideal gas.

The Physical quantity is proportional to the radiational pressure for solid.

GEFR of Atomic modelEdit

We would like to fit energy level for backward compatability.

r = r_0 n^{4/3}


E_{nk} = 1/3 ( G_3 Mm/ 2 r_0 ^3 ) (1/n^2 +1/k^2 ) (1/n^2 -1/k^2 )

note that total enery is positive and inside electron has high energy. and, with newly enhanced g",

Failed to parse (lexing error): GEFR =G"/G_{3} =0.8455  %

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